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General Juan Carrasco Primary School, Mazatlan Sinaloa, Mexico

General Juan Carrasco Primary School has worked intensively in their school, and in six other primary and secondary schools nearby to develop approaches to climate change.  They are modifying the school building to avoid using fans (in order to save energy) and they are working to protect the building during the hurricane season.

Preventitive Measures

They have substituted all electrical installations including the installation of energy saving lightbulbs throughout the school.  They have managed to convince 25 businesses and 12 homes near the General Juan Carrasco Primary School to install energy efficient lightbulbs.

Laying of ceramic floor tiles, thanks to the material they’re made from, helps to keep the school building cool.  This reduces the need for fans, and saves energy.

They are planning to place material on the roof of the school that will reflect the heat from the sun, again helping keep the building cool.

Adaptive Measures

The school has installed new windows with special features which allow an extra layer of protection to be added to protect them from hurricane force winds.

The bathrooms are being fixed, leaks in pipes and tubing are being fixed as well as installing toilets which utilise less water.  Next year, the installation of a rain water collection system is planned.

Climate Change in Mazatlán, Sinaloa

According to the forecasts:

  • Sea levels will rise, it is estimated that there will be an increase of about a metre to one and a half metres.  This would mean that the water would reach the city centre.
  • The rising tides have practically eaten up the sand and left uncovered a large number of rocks in the gold zone of Mazatlan (erosion).
  • According to the Mexican Government’s National Programme for Climate Change, Mazatlan forms part of the areas which are most vulnerable to impact from hurricanes, which are intensifying (20 million people live in these areas of Mexico).

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