The first global website supporting the teaching and learning of climate change in different languages using recognized scientific research.

About us

Our changing climate will impact at the global, national and local scales.  Through some of the latest scientific data and projections Climate4classrooms provides curriculum linked teaching resources about climate change for pupils. Its resources include:

  • Interactive data sets showing the latest global and national climate predictions

  • Climate science brought to life by the experts

  • Case studies investigating global, national and local impacts and solutions.

  • Guidance for teachers on using the resources.

The resources on this site have been developed in collaboration with climate scientists and using data from the latest research, including the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
Using Climate4Classrooms

The following sections are useful starting points:

  • Climate Change: Detailed information on this process, the scientific evidence for change and global predictions

  • Teaching Resources:  Curriculum linked resources for geography, science, and citizenship/civics lessons